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“In 2 weeks, you can look, act, and feel younger with the U.S Army’s secret for creating the perfect physically fit soldier.” - Dr. Marcus Laux


America’s Natural Medicine Expert

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You are NOT aging. You are out of whack. It’s called biochemical imbalance and this imbalance wreaks havoc on your health. What’s the cure? MaleMega, An all-natural breakthrough that heals your biochemistry by bringing your organs and entire system into balance.

MaleMega is the first and only supplement that combines 5 of the most powerful scientific breakthroughs for men into one single capsule. Virtually every marker for strong health is supported by this remarkable discovery. Testosterone. Prostate. Colon. Cholesterol. Triglycerides. Inflammation. Blood flow. Arteries. Blood sugar. Metabolism. Memory. Bones. Muscles. Energy. Vision. You name it, MaleMega’s got you covered!

BREAKTHROUGH #1 Purified Shilajit Extract (PrimaVie®)

is a powerful antioxidant, anti-aging rejuvenator & aphrodisiac for men. No wonder it’s been called “Destroyer of Weakness” for centuries!

BREAKTHROUGH #2 High DHA Calamarine®

DHA is the true magic. MaleMega includes a patented omega-3 called Calamarine® which has 85% more DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) than ordinary fish oil! DHA is critical for protecting and nourishing a man’s vital organs and systems: Eyes, arteries, brain, heart, muscles, penis, even life span! It’s no wonder the US Army is buzzing!

BREAKTHROUGH #3 Vitamin K2 (MenaQ7®)

Thanks to a recent discovery by a Nobel-prize winning doctor, vitamin K2 is one of the greatest blood, heart and bone breakthroughs of the century. This natural miracle prevents calcium from being incorrectly deposited in your arteries (causing them to harden). Because deposits silently accumulate bit by bit over decades, starting in one’s 20’s (or earlier), it takes many years for stiffening arteries to emerge.

The science for vitamin K2 is utterly astounding. Without it, calcium regulation is disrupted leading to a multitude of dangerous coronary, cardiovascular, renal, and neurogenerative problems. But because it is rarely found in the American diet, up to 99% of the population could be deficient in this nutrient.

BREAKTHROUGH #4 Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)

The press is STILL buzzing about the healing benefits of “the sunshine vitamin” but nobody gets enough of it! In fact, as many as 75% of adults have a deficiency. Vitamin D3 is a must-have for men because it helps maintain a healthy prostate, digestion, immunity and bones. It rejuvenates the heart, skin -- even processes sugar more efficiently.

Perhaps even more amazingly, it works synergistically with vitamin K2 to direct and move calcium out of arterial walls and into your teeth, bones and organ tissues where it is needed. By combining vitamin K2 with vitamin D3 powerhouses together in MaleMega, your danger of developing a fatal heart event or fall is reduced by a whopping 70%.

BREAKTHROUGH #5 Polygonum cuspidatum root (Resveratrol)

Resveratrol is the perfect support partner to Calamarine® and Vitamin K2 in MaleMega because it improves circulation and improves the relaxation of your heart. And thanks to the research done at Harvard University, we now know that resveratrol has the unique ability to switch on sirtuin --the longevity gene. It may even block the breakdown of DNA.

By combining these five powerhouse rejuvenation nutrients into one formula, MaleMega is now the world’s most complete supplement for men. MaleMega’s multimodal power protects cells, tissues, and organ systems against the hidden causes of sexual dysfunction, heart, immune and blood sugar problems. You simply won’t need anything else when you take MaleMega!

From day one, your energy will soar. Your joints will be flexible again. Muscles and bones will be strong again. Your circulation restored. Your cholesterol and blood pressure will be where they’re supposed to be, health and vitality will finally be restored. Instead of fading away, your golden years will become a time of vibrant good health, filled with energy and vitality!

That’s why I’ve decided to let you try MaleMega with a special, zero-risk guarantee. Simply call our toll-free number now: 1-888-615-4946. There are no “catches” or “fine print” – so you really do not risk a single penny. I hope to hear from you soon.

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The First All-In-One Rejuvenation Breakthrough for Men

MaleMega is the first everything-you-need, all-over male rejuvenation POWERHOUSE. Get all these benefits simply by taking two softgels each day:

Healthy blood pressure Healthy metabolsim
Healthy triglycerides & cholesterol Healthy blood sugar
Healthy testosterone, SHBG and estrogen Flexible joints
Healthy circulation Reduced Inflammation
Strong muscles and bones A sharp mind
Energy and endurance Better vision
Strong immunity Positive mood
Younger arteries Strong libido and stamina

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